Hello Gorgeous! I know your struggles, I know your pain.  I am passionate about helping women discover their identity and owning it so that they can attract their tribe! I started off like many of you. I was mom who loved her corporate job as a Registered Dental Hygienist. While working full-time, I was introduced to Network Marketing and fell in love! I immediately recognized the fun, freedom, and fulfillment it would provide for me and my family! I knew that if I could get a great system that in due time I would be successful. But after many fails and not really having great sponsors (so that is the story I told myself), I was over it. I failed in so many of them. But then…

In 2011, after struggling with years of infertility, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Without hesitation, my husband and I collectively agreed that I would quit my job as a full-time dental hygienist to be pursue my dreams of being a full-time momprenuer. This is when life truly changed for me.  I immediately jumped into a company that I was very familiar with and hit Top Seller, I have one of the top teams in my organization and have been awarded multiple times for Leadership Excellence.

After 12 years in the industry, I knew that there was more that I wanted to do in my business. I wanted to take my business online but being that I am an introvert I was much to shy to approach people, even online. Intuitively, connecting with top earners in the industry lead me to building my brand online and ranking 4 TIMES IN 6 WEEKS!!

I don't say these things to brag but to remind you that I have been in your shoes and it took me wanting more in my life to create a change for me and my family. I could no longer deal with the list of 100 people or chasing family and friends. I wanted to be the hunted and not the hunter. It was all made possible with the decision to get the help I needed into order to get the results I desired and deserved. I want to give you hope and let you know, there is a better way.

After taking an online course, I started to see myself different. In this course,  I was to ask friends and family members what 3 words best described me. Here’s how the closes people to me described me:

Perseverance, patient, determined, awesome mother, authentic, genuine, lovely, kind, patient, go-getter, blessed, resourceful, woman of worth, limitless, humble, grateful, boss, role model, attentive, friend, courageous, confident, caring, gorgeous, intelligent, successful

This opened my mine to the many possibilities of ME! And I owned my gifts.

I immediately started attracting women who wanted to grow their brand and spread their message. I am truly gifted in mindset transition and it is one of the things that my clients love about me.

If you are in need of clarity & want to take your business to the next level, then I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Session (a $297 Value) with me. I guarantee you that you will get a shift in your business with this session!