About Tequila


About me: I love mindset work! It is totally the uprising of your mindset that will help you to reach your greatest potentials.


Resized_20160603_192034 (3)I have been called: “Motivational  Mom” by my colleagues and truthfully, I have always been that way. Growing up in inner-city Dayton, Ohio, where people had no drive or ambitions, I stayed in the local libraries reading books that helped me conquer the dreadful “stuck” mindset. I was categorized as “book worm”, this stands true today,  and can remember winning awards every year because I read the most books in school! I choice to leave the city at the age of 18 to pursue my passion of attending The Ohio State University and obtain my BS in Dental Hygienist, to later realize my love for business. I should have paid attention to the clues as a child. But you can read all about that in my book “She Conquered”

I love listening to calm energy and neo-soul music, it keeps me in tune with my soul purpose.

In 2011, after struggling with 7 years of infertility, We birthed  our daughter, my husband and I collectively agreed, that I would quit my job as a full-time dental hygienist to be a full-time mompreneuer. When I am not working with people or speaking, I spend time in the library with my daughter reading as she enjoys lifestyle homeschooling. A choice in which I have no regrets. She has a very free-spirit!




My personality is INFP(https://www.16personalities.com/) Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling Prospecting


After taking an online course, I was to ask friends and family members what 3 words best described me. Here’s  how the closes people to me described me:

Perseverance, patient, determined, awesome mother, authentic, genuine, lovely, kind, patient, go-getter, blessed, resourceful, woman of worth, limitless, humble, grateful, boss, role model, attentive, friend, courageous, confident, caring, gorgeous, intelligent, successful

I wear many hats, but among them are those of  author, mother, wife, business owner and confidante.

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